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  • 2112 & Moving Pictures - Deluxe Edition (Classic Albums)

    • Rush
    • BR
    • Release: 2010-09-28
    • Catalog No.: ST0801213032693
    • Barcode: 801213032693
    The Deluxe Edition features the Blu-ray packaged with a DVD of the “2112 & Moving Pictures Classic Albums”,
    along with the audio CD of both “2112” and “Moving Pictures”.
    The latest addition to the acclaimed & award winning Classic Albums series tells the story behind the making of two legendary
    albums from Rush. “2112” was the album that saw Rush break through to major chart success, going to No.1 in their native Canada
    and eventually bing certified triple platinum in the US. “Moving Pictures” opened them to a mass audience for
    the first time and remains the biggest selling album of their career. It also went to No.1 in Canada and went quadruple platinum
    there while hitting No.3 in both the UK and USA. Rush members Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart talk us through the
    making of the albums, together with original producer Terry Brown.
    Bonus Features:
    Over 50 minutes of additional interviews, archive footage and new demonstrations not included in the broadcast version.
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