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  • Miles Electric - A Different Kind of Blue

    • Catalog No.: 71839
    • Barcode: 801213902095
    On August 29th, 1970 Miles Davis and his band played to 600,000 people at the The Isle Of Wight Festival. When asked the title of his one track set, Miles said “Call It Anything”. This film, directed by Oscar* winning film maker Murray Lerner, features the entire 38 minute performance from the Isle Of Wight Festival and sets it in context through new interviews with the musicians who played with him and others who took part in the festival or were intimately connected with Miles Davis’ career. It also features other performance footage and tells the story of Miles’ controversial decision to take his music in to a more electric, rock orientated style, epitomized by his album Bitches Brew, which was released the same year. Among those interviewed are Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Carlos Santana, Joni Mitchell, Keith Jarrett and Dave Liebman.
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