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    • Catalog No.: ER202272
    • Barcode: 826992022727

    Curtiss Maldoon – a duo comprising of Dave Curtiss (vocals/guitar) and Clive Maldoon (vocals/guitar) – issued two rare (and now collectable) albums in the early seventies. The two musicians had previously worked together in Bodast, a short-lived band perhaps best known today for their lead guitarist Steve Howe, who left to join Yes.
    Curtiss Maldoon’s debut was a stylistically varied collection, ranging from ballads to much heavier material, and featured guest appearances from Steve Howe as well as fellow Purple labelmate organist Tony Ashton and bassist Bruce Thomas (who would later join Elvis Costello).
    This CD includes the first album in full, the best of the follow up, a rare single and several unissued tracks. In 1998, Madonna covered the song “Sepheryn” (“Ray of Light”) on her album and it became a smash hit single.

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