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    • Catalog No.: ARM250692
    • Barcode: 826992506920

    Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen are joining forces again for the first time in 23 years, since playing together in Helloween! Together with Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), Kosta Zafiriou (ex Pink Cream 69) and Mandy Meyer (known for his work with Asia, Gotthard and Krokus). Metal super-band? If you like… A few days after the premiere of the band’s first single and supporting video of the title track ‘Unisonic’, it had been honored with well over 150.000 clicks on YouTube accompanied by amazing comments. The teaser Mini-Album “Ignition”, which had been released just this January, was sold out immediately, receiving fantastic media and fans’ feedback. So it´s Unisonic´s debut album “Keeper of The Seventh Keys part.3”? No. It’s not. It’s much more than that. Hansen and Kiske, together with Ward, Meyer and Zafiriou have fused the many sides of heavy rock and metal they love. “UNISONIC” is heavy, melodic and challenging. A very versatile album that offers a broad range of styles.

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