American Valhalla

Iggy Pop & Josh Homme



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American Valhalla recounts the musical journey of Iggy Pop and Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Joshua Homme. Co-directed by Homme and Andreas Neumann, the film explores the collaboration that flourished into the release of Iggy Pop’s most recent album Post Pop Depression (2016) and a subsequent critically-acclaimed tour.


There is something amazing that happens when two kindred musicians come together - an innate, almost cosmic understanding that blossoms into artistic perfection. A young Joshua Homme spent his days blasting Iggy Pop’s Repo Man theme from his boombox - the raw, raging sounds driving his hands to pick up a guitar and make a rock ruckus all his own.


Fast forward a few decades -- his idol gets in touch with him out of the blue, and asks if he’d like to work on some songs. A casual collaboration developed into a landmark release for both artists: Post Pop Depression. American Valhalla follows Iggy, Homme, his Queens of the Stone Age bandmate Dean Fertita (guitar), and Matt Helders (drummer - Arctic Monkeys) as they wrote and recorded Post Pop Depression -- in total secrecy -- at Rancho de la Luna studio in the Mojave Desert.


The film sits the viewer right in the room with Iggy, Homme, & co. behind the boards and between the riffs, examining their creative process. Lyric sheets, letters and journal entries open the doorway to the chemistry and energy of their musical experience.  Amidst this unflinching portrait of inspiration and creativity, a central mantra of American Valhalla’s 81 minutes is revealed: “You risk nothing, you gain nothing”.