Slowhand At 70 - Live At The Royal Albert Hall

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"Slowhand at 70" captures a momentous night for the legend that is Eric Clapton. An immense celebration not just for the artist’s 70th year but also a fine toast to the artist's close relationship with the Royal Albert Hall itself. Eric Clapton is the first guitarist to reach 200 performances at this beautiful, classic venue. 


This cinematic film sets to honour the artist, first with an intimate start that is reminiscent of a small blues club, where the light beams and smoky atmosphere outline the raw intensity of Eric Clapton onstage, thereby creating a powerful connection for the viewer and artist alone. This stance holds through exhibiting the audience in abstract form only at the beginning. By following the ebb and flow of Eric Clapton's extensive set list, the energy continuously builds alongside each track to the epic finale with the massive tracks of Crossroads and Cocaine taking the viewer from small club setting to epic proportions as part of the vast and excitable audience in this glorious venue that is the Royal Albert Hall.