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A Trio of Little Ol’ Films

ZZ Top call themselves ‘that little ol’ band from Texas’, a deceptively clever designation that explains everything about the trio while underselling their deep idiosyncrasies. At their core, the trio of Billy Gibbons, Frank Beard and Dusty Hill were a down-and-dirty blues band from Houston, cranking out greasy rockers and slyly sleazy boogies. Despite their deep roots in American rock & roll blues, ZZ Top were the furthest thing from purists. There isn’t a fad they haven’t exploited – twisting new wave, synthesised dance-rock and music videos for their own purposes. With ZZ Top, nothing is out of the question.

Dubbed the documentary that “nails the music history but doesn’t get too far behind the beards”, That Little Ol’ Band From Texas tells the story of how ZZ Top created their iconic look and sound, all while maintaining a surrealism mystique that continues to intrigue fans 50 years after the band’s inception.

So, you’ve watched our little ol’ film – what’s up next on the watch list for ZZ Top fans?

ZZ Top Live At Montreux 2013 shows one of the bands finest live performances. The set list blends tracks from early seventies albums such as Tres Hombres through their eighties blockbuster period with Eliminator and up to their most recent release with La Futura. Joined by guests Mike Flanigin and Van Wilks, this special performance includes a jazz-blues tribute to the late Montreux Festival founder Claude Nobs. Including a career-spanning live performance and bonus interviews, this watch is worth your time.

Double Down Live features footage from concerts decades apart, in 1980 and 2008. With nearly thirty years between the performances, Double Down Live gives a fascinating insight into what has maintained the ZZ Top live phenomenon. Filmed at Grugahalle in Essen, Germany, for the Rockpalast TV series, the 1980 show gives a glimpse into early ZZ Top. Disc two is the ultimate on-the-road movie; filmed across Europe in 2008 the DVD features live performances, interviews and the backstage behind-the-scenes footage of what makes a ZZ Top tour.

Get your ZZ Top fix on Netflix or Amazon Prime:

That Little Ol’ Band From Texas

Live At Montreux 2013

Double Down Live