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Who's Next? (Classic Albums)



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"Who's next" stands as a monument to both the song writing talents of Pete Townshend and the status of The Who as probably the greatest exponents of British Rock Music. 


In 1971, after the critical and financial success of the Rock Opera "Tommy", Pete Townshend set about planning a follow up, Life House, his most ambitious project to date. Our film will tell the story of how Townshend’s original vision eventually became the “Who’s next” album.


Townshend struggled to make his Life House understood, but it proved to be beyond the grasp of those around him. It was to be a multi-media event incorporating a live concert, a feature film, and a double album telling the story of the redemptive power of Rock Music set in a futuristic world. Roger Daltrey remembers the central idea as, “if we ever do find the meaning of life it will be a musical note”

After failed experiments to realize Townshend’s concept at The Young Vic theatre in London and The Record Plant in New York the group turned to Record Producer Glyn Johns who suggested recording the existing tracks into a single album, and he takes us through the original multi tracks of the songs which became “Who’s next”.


In our film Pete Townshend revisits his original demos, which often formed the basis for the album recordings. From his home studio he demonstrates his innovative use of the synthesizer as a rhythm track on “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. However, Roger Daltrey remembers the downside of having to rely on pre-recorded music in their live shows.


Pete performs for the first time in over 20 years a version of “Pure and Easy” a pivotal Life House number which he regrets was omitted from the final release, and also “Behind Blue Eyes”, of which he comments “when I sing it my way it’s a song about a whole different kind of frustration, it’s not about the repression of anger, it’s about the repression of love”

John Entwistle talks through the multi tracks for his tour de force “My Wife”. The one song on the album which wasn’t conceived as part of the original Life House project.